Intent to Direct

Let us know you are planning to participate!

This really helps us get an idea of how many submissions to expect and to get organized!  (Only one entry per film team please – this should be the lead participant). All film teams need to identify an adult advisor, someone that is not part of the official film team. This adult advisor should be part of the partnering middle school, high school, college, university, community-based organization, program or club and, as the representative for that school or organization, will be asked to review the film and keep release forms on file.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Intent Form

  • Are you a middle school student? Are you submitting affiliated with a high school or with an organization in the youth and young adult category? Mark Middle School Student if you are submitting your film as part of a class or club at your middle school. Mark High School Student or Youth and Young Adult if you are affiliated with a high school or if you are submitting with an organization and are between the ages of 14-25 (but are no longer in middle school). For example: you may be a community college or university student, part of a community-based organization, or an after school youth program. You will need to list a school/organization adult advisor.